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Church Bus Ministry - SOUL WINNING Bus Ministry Resources. By Dr. Jack Hyles. Dr. Jack Hyles is an American hero! He was loyal Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana from August, 1959 to.

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Me? Obey Him?: The Obedient Wife and God's Way of. Me? Obey Him?: The Obedient Wife and God's Way of Happiness and Blessing in the Home [Elizabeth Rice Handford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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List of Files on Are you looking for a good, Bible-believing church? Search this Church Directory found on to find a good church near you. The directory contains.

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The Story Behind The Psalms - by Dr Jack Hyles Faith Bible Baptist Church's Online Articles, Books, Booklets, Poems, Sermons

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Hyles Church Manual, The: Jack Hyles: Books Hyles Church Manual, The [Jack Hyles] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Church Building includes sections on Church Business, Church Program and.

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Overview of the IFB Church - Independent Fundamental. This post gives an overview of the independent fundamental baptist church, what they are and what their history is.

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Tithing Deception - Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB. To the author of this post, I apologize for the bad experiences that you have had within an Independent Baptist Church. However, not all IFB churches are alike.

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Vegetarianism in the Church, vegetables, new age, Ellen G. VEGETARIANISM--The New Age in the Church With an examination of Lester Roloff's Diet Heresy: Steve Van Nattan: Ray Blanton did this in a tract form,